Mad World’s latest patch adds party recruitment feature, UI updates, and gameplay tweaks


While Mad World doesn’t have a group finder in the usual sense, it does have a party recruitment tool as of the OARPG’s latest patch, which might be useful for those looking to group up for some delves. Maybe.

The UI in question (which suffers from some rather unfortunate translation as the buttons instruct players to form “mobs” rather than the more standard groups) offers up several parameters that can be set when seeking a group, whether it’s for specific dungeons or general questing, including a small message and item level requirements, though mercifully those are automatically filled out when forming a dungeon party.

The patch has also made a number of UI improvements to provide clearer information for tribe features and skill tempering, a couple of combat tweaks, and lower material requirements for enhancing items and making custom crafts.

Circling back to the game’s ill-fated Steam launch, we find that user reviews on the platform have improved into the “Mixed” category but player numbers have slowly tumbled down a slope.

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