TitanQuest 2 teases handcrafted gameworld and its unique twist on Sparta


You know, until this press release dropped in my inbox, I had completely forgotten that Titan Quest 2 was in development, which is great for me as I got to enjoy the experience of realizing it all over again.

Yep, the sequel to the original classic multiplayer-optional ARPG was announced last summer, and it’s just gotten a big dev diary. In fact, Grimlore Games hasn’t put out much at all about the game since the announcement; there was a making-of video for the soundtrack, followed by a screenshot-studded look at how the team is “handcrafting” the gameworld without procedural generation, and now, a look at how the Spartans will feature in the game.

“[W]e didn’t want these to be the same old Spartans,” Grimlore says. “In keeping with our philosophy, we wanted to present a unique and fantastical twist that was nevertheless rooted in the history and classical stories that inspire us. Ours is a world in which the monsters of myth are real, and they pose a real threat to the humans who live among them. Until recently, the Spartans and their powerful military served the role of protectors, defending the towns and villages of Greece from these mythological threats.”

Of course, there’s more to it than that, as this version of Sparta has ringed itself in walls to stave off doom – so don’t just expect a history lesson here.

We have nothing like a launch window at all, but we do know it’s headed to PC and latest-gen consoles.

Source: Steam
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