procedural generation

The MOP Up: Ultima Online plays Santa and hands out gifts

Ultima Online is really into gift giving this season, so head in and get yours before they're all gobbled up: "We wish to offer...

Why I Play: Elite Dangerous is the space sandbox we’ve been looking for

Elite: Dangerous was not on my radar when it appeared on the scene back in 2014. I had already spent my money buying a...

Early access game Mini Healer: ‘Like healing in an MMO but actually fun’

Love your healers. Respect your healers. Appreciate them. Empathize with their plight in correcting your overzealous chase for DPS or your forgetfulness for turning...

Raph Koster shares rare behind-the-scenes Star Wars Galaxies pics in honor of the anniversary

He might be busy creating a brand-new virtual world, but legendary game designer Raph Koster always has time to chat about his beloved Star...

Dual Universe’s beta will include new UI features, items, and reworked planets and moons

While Dual Universe is still going to focus on refining and improving the current alpha 3 build of the voxelbox, the team at Novaquark...

Space MMORTS Starborne is a ‘go’ for open beta

Space: It's pretty big. And cold. Also, hot. Also, it smells like burnt metal. Also, it's the setting for Solid Clouds' MMORTS, Starborne, which...

Trove’s latest PTS update brings an infinite dungeon

Things are about to get endless in Trove thanks to the introduction of delves, a combination of Geode's caverns with procedural generation to create...

Massively Overthinking: How could MMOs combat endgame rushing?

Rushers, content locusts, world-firsters: Whatever you want to call them, these folks are both a boon and a bane for MMORPGs. They buy the...

Dual Universe shares the tech being used to optimize performance going forward

In a sandbox game with procedural generation and voxel building, there's a lot of moving parts that can very likely bog a player's PC...
Buzzer buzzer, cling clang.

No Man’s Sky introduces music creation with the ByteBeat device

Just because you're in a big lonely void of space doesn't mean you can't fill the emptiness with incredibly fresh beats. The latest patch...

Camelot Unchained checks in with work on NPC pathfinding and more in the weekly wrap-up

There's nothing more annoying than seeing NPCs that you need to go somewhere run pell-mell into a giant, obvious wall or some other insurmountable...

Star Citizen’s monthly report promises new missions, improved AI, and caves

The month of May has seen lots of development done in Star Citizen according to the game's monthly report. Now having typed that sentence,...

Valiance Online’s latest alpha patch touches on characters, animations, and interior procedural generation

We're having a superhero MMO moment here, folks. Last week, Valiance Online teased something big happening, and now we know what it is: an...
Taaake ooooon meeee

Crowfall explains its new capture system with outposts

As you roam through the world of Crowfall, there will be various points of interest. Sometimes they'll be obvious resource nodes, yes, but sometimes...

David Brevik reveals a new indie title in the vein of Diablo and Terraria

Diablo, Hellgate: London, and Marvel Heroes creator David Brevik has just announced his newest game -- and it's both similar and unlike anything he's...

Kings and Heroes may deliver that satisfying dungeon crawl you’ve been craving

The very definition of a game in stealth mode, Kings and Heroes is a title that traveled from early access to launch in 2017...

Star Citizen’s alpha 3.0 inches closer to testers, CIG touts its mission system

In this week's episode of Star Citizen's Around the Verse, Cloud Imperium says it's reduced its must-fix issues by 50 over the last week,...

EVE Fanfest 2017: EVE Online plans amazing new PvE gameplay

Today's EVE Online is a far cry from the empty but hopeful sandbox released back in 2003, having constantly re-invented itself for over 14 years...

No Man’s Sky reaches 1M players in its Foundation era

Love it or hate it, No Man's Sky was the buzz around the video game water cooler last year. And while the space exploration...

MMO Mechanics: 2016’s MMORPG mechanics in review

The holiday season is finally upon us: My decorations are resurrected from their dark corner of my storage closets once more, Jack Frost is...