Abyss MMO begins testing on Mac, plans early access for April 18


Abyss aka Abyss Online first caught our attention last summer, when gamers figured out that it was actually a clone of the supposedly satirical NFT MMO Metagates and when it abruptly rebranded without blockchain or crypto, although its cash shop was still a bit sketchy. We’ve nevertheless been keeping an eye on the PvP sandbox MMORPG as it’s progressed through testing, and now, it’s about to take a big step forward again.

Old World Labs tells Steam players that the studio has recently upgraded the game engine to UE 5.3, debuted at the Taipei Game Show in January, begun testing on Mac (with plans to test mobile and console “later this year”), and announced an early access launch for April 18th owing to its “journey through alpha” so far. Early access comes with a price tag of $24.95, with no sub, though an optional sub will be introduced at some point.

“Since our last playtest in November, Abyss has undergone a monumental transformation,” the studio says. “Every aspect, from animations and particle effects to procedural generation and loot systems, has been refined for Early Access. We are nearly ready to test maps that can host up to 200 players.”

Signups for alpha testing continue; do note they require your Discord name. [Update: They’ve removed that requirement now!]

Source: Steam
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