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Abyss Online studio Old World Labs seeks to hire more staff to help its flagging MMORPG

Last week, Abyss Online developer Old World Labs did the opposite of marketing its early access MMO, as it instead warned potential players away...

Full-loot PvP MMO Abyss finally rolls into early access after several delays

It's been a slightly bumpy road between initial announcement and early access release -- including a flirtation with NFTs and several delays -- but...

Pax Dei testing wrestles with stability and bugs, Abyss testing adds refinements and dragon attacks

It's been a busy time for the developing sandbox MMORPGs of Pax Dei and Abyss, as both games entered into their respective alphas this...
What's your deal, smoky?

Abyss is open now for playtesting ahead of its early access launch, delayed to May 7

It wasn't all that long ago that the PvP MMORPG Abyss promised it was going to open testing for free ahead of the game's...

PvP MMORPG Abyss begins signups to an upcoming open playtest on Steam

Before it begins its early access release on April 18th, the PvP sandbox MMORPG Abyss has one more playtest to run - and this...

Abyss MMO begins testing on Mac, plans early access for April 18

Abyss aka Abyss Online first caught our attention last summer, when gamers figured out that it was actually a clone of the supposedly satirical NFT...

PvP MMO Abyss plans ‘semi-closed’ alpha testing in November and December

Abyss, the PvP sandbox MMORPG originally revealed as the "satire" NFT MMO Metagates and then pivoted to promise no blockchain integration or crypto, is...

Sandbox MMORPG Abyss lists April 18 release date, shares gameplay footage and dev updates

This past summer saw a new PvP sandbox MMORPG arrive to our sphere in the form of Abyss, a sci-fantasy title that promised "immersive...

PvP MMO Abyss admits it began life as a crypto game selling ‘satirical poop’ NFTs

Back in August, we covered a seemingly new project from a new-to-MMOs team called Old World Labs. The so-called Abyss sounded interesting, with immersive...

Abyss is a new PvP sandbox MMORPG coming in 2024, and it’s already selling currency

We've updated the end of this post with new info that's come to light regarding the game's origins. MMORPG fans eager for new frontiers can...