Abyss is open now for playtesting ahead of its early access launch, delayed to May 7

What's your deal, smoky?

It wasn’t all that long ago that the PvP MMORPG Abyss promised it was going to open testing for free ahead of the game’s actual early access launch. Well, the game is opened up for testing now, and you can even request access via Steam before the game goes for the full early access experience on May 7th. That’s a rather noteworthy delay from the original plans regarding timing, which had targeted April 18th.

Worth noting is that the game’s Steam page specifically calls the game out as being in a pre-alpha state, warning potential players that they may very well encounter bugs and missing features. The game’s Steam page does not note that the game began life as an NFT game and had already tried to sell currency. That doesn’t mean this one should be immediately ignored, but it is useful information to keep hovering in the ether.

The press release further suggests partnership with Smilegate’s STOVE platform.

“In addition to this unique opportunity, Abyss Online is excited to announce its Early Access availability on STOVE, Asia’s leading game platform. Managed by Smilegate, STOVE has rapidly emerged as a premier Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) platform, boasting a global user base of 170 million and 32 million in Korea alone.”

Source: Press release
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