Tower of Fantasy debuts a teaser trailer for its April 30 Celestial Destiny update


The hype machine is beginning to spool up in Tower of Fantasy, as the shared world RPG has started talking up the April 30th Celestial Destiny update, beginning with a story-centric teaser trailer.

As one might expect, the footage probably means a lot more to those who have been keeping up with TOF’s narrative, but there appears to be something screwy going on with the timeline: The trailer sees Zeke, one of the first NPCs players meet in the game, flashing through moments of his past with his sister Shirli, until he ultimately finds himself in some sort of hidden facility.

Details on what’s to come for this update are still a bit thin for now, but Tencent’s Hotta Studio did confirm that the characters Lan and Icarus, along with their weapons, will become permanent fixtures of the RPG’s gacha pool. Otherwise it looks as if there will be some heartstring tugging happening in the story if the trailer below is any indication.

sources: YouTube, Twitter
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