Tower of Fantasy debuts a teaser trailer for its April 30 Celestial Destiny update

The hype machine is beginning to spool up in Tower of Fantasy, as the shared world RPG has started talking up the April 30th...

Tower of Fantasy’s Beyond Horizons update and 1.5-Year Anniversary events are live today

Big things are afoot over at Tower of Fantasy with today's release of Ver 3.6: Beyond Horizons. It's a significant patch that also comes...

Tower of Fantasy releases a new area, new character, and new events in Butterfly in the Abyss update

Fans of the shared world RPG Tower of Fantasy can now enjoy their trip to the Forbidden County as the game's Butterfly in the...

Tower of Fantasy celebrates its first anniversary while looking ahead to Version 3.2

You know what's a pretty solid MMO-like sci-fi game? Tower of Fantasy. If you can get past the gacha elements -- and it's understandable...

Fight or Kite: Tower of Fantasy might be your Blue Protocol stopgap

Good news, everyone! No wait, it’s bad news: Blue Protocol’s global release was delayed a while back. It's a real bummer because I’m a...
Musical what

Tower of Fantasy is coming to PlayStation without cross-platform play – and the devs aren’t happy about it at all

It's not every day that you see a game studio openly frustrated with its own publisher, so gather the kids around the computer screen...

Tower of Fantasy’s next new character will slash your face with robotic jet wings

By this point, it's probably well known that the trailers that come out of Tower of Fantasy are pretty well animated and bombastic, and...

Tower of Fantasy’s latest patch brings a lineup of events and heralds a new character

The latest patch for Tower of Fantasy doesn't seem to have too much going on in it at first blush - it's primarily full...

Tower of Fantasy adds a whip-wielding card trick magician to the roster on February 23

The latest character coming to the shared world RPG Tower of Fantasy is bringing some of that ol' razzle-dazzle. And a whip. Her name...

Tower of Fantasy’s latest patch adds support for ray tracing on PC and launches some new events

Do you play Tower of Fantasy on PC? Do you have a GPU that supports ray tracing? Then you're in luck because the shared...
So spooky.

Tower of Fantasy adds a new area and new challenges with today’s 2.1 update

Who wants to go underground in Tower of Fantasy and explore a dangerous collapsing structure filled with things that want to kill you? What...

Tower of Fantasy previews a new character arriving October 6 and launches several new events

While most regular players of Tower of Fantasy are eager for the big 2.0 Vera update, the shared world RPG would like to tide...

Tower of Fantasy provides a video preview of its upcoming cyberpunk city of Mirroria

Part Blade Runner, part Nar Shaddaa, and mostly neon. That's the fastest way to describe the city of Mirroria, one of the new locations...

Tower of Fantasy previews player-built ‘artificial island’ system, bans thousands of cheaters

Level Infinite and Hotta Studio aren't letting mobile-and-PC MMO Tower of Fantasy rest on its laurels: It's already gunning for the game's first big...

Tower of Fantasy shares video previews of the upcoming Vera region and a new Simulacrum character

What do an arid desert, a cyberpunk cityscape, and a katana-wielding badass have in common with one another? They're all part of some new...

Tower of Fantasy has expelled over 10,000 accounts worldwide for cheating so far

This past week was an extremely busy one for the Tower of Fantasy team, specifically the Hykros Central Control Room, which is a fancy...

Tower of Fantasy applies a fix and issues compensation for a bugged gacha banner

Tower of Fantasy is a game with a gacha monetization model, which means that those who engage in the practice of pulling for a...

First Impressions: Tower of Fantasy is Genshin Impact in a PSO2 costume (and it’s actually pretty good)

Let's go ahead and get this out of the way: Tower of Fantasy, the new shared world RPG from publisher Level Infinite and developer...