Tower of Fantasy’s Beyond Horizons update and 1.5-Year Anniversary events are live today


Big things are afoot over at Tower of Fantasy with today’s release of Ver 3.6: Beyond Horizons. It’s a significant patch that also comes alongside 1.5-year anniversary celebrations (what? Don’t judge!).

The update includes the new high-tech map of Aquaville, the Ying Zhao and Fei Lian world bosses, more puzzles to unlock, an additional chapter of the ongoing storyline, an equipment enhancement cap increase to level 60, a new season of Frontier Clash, more floors added to the Bygone Phantasm Boundless Realm, and the aforementioned anniversary events that offer 135 free draws from the gacha vendor.

The patch also arrives with a new Simulacrum to collect, Plotti: “Plotti possesses a unique dual personality. She is serious and meticulous as a programmer, while in battle, she can be capricious and extravagant. Let’s check out what’s hidden inside her rule-abiding heart.”

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