Tower of Fantasy celebrates its first anniversary while looking ahead to Version 3.2


You know what’s a pretty solid MMO-like sci-fi game? Tower of Fantasy. If you can get past the gacha elements — and it’s understandable if you can’t — there’s a really deep, accessible, and flashy fun title to be enjoyed. And in fact, Tower of Fantasy is in the midst of celebrating its first anniversary with its community.

You have until September 4th to grab a bunch of freebies: “During the anniversary, log in to the game to claim a large number of rewards! Receive a total of 40 free draws on Ming Jing’s weapon and Matrix, 10 gachapon coins, and 20 giftboxes.”

And when the anniversary ends, the fun will just be starting. The next update, Version 3.2: The Dragon Grove, is scheduled for September 5th:

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