Villagers & Heroes offers up some House Love with more furnishings and house themes in latest patch


The Homestead update that released for Villagers & Heroes was certainly a big deal for those who are looking to get snuggly in their own in-game house, but there’s always room for more housing things, which was the primary focus of last week’s House Love update.

This latest patch (as the name suggests) brings more goodies to player housing, with five new interior themes, particle effects for three existing housing items, and a sizeable list of new furniture items that can be gained with gold, bought from the item shop, or learned via new recipes. Some of these new furnishings include different types of statues, barrels of fruit, shrines, and a prison cage or iron maiden. Cozy!

The rest of the patch makes a few effect adjustments, improves the tile placement UI when in a house designer, lowers the ingredient cost for a number of mana potions, and applies several fixes. For the most part, though, this update is all for the homesteaders, which makes sense given the patch’s title.

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