villagers and heroes

Official Site: Villagers and Heroes
Studio: Mad Otter Games
Launch Date: 2011
Genre: High Fantasy Sandpark
Business Model: F2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC

Villagers & Heroes offers up some House Love with more furnishings and house themes in latest patch

The Homestead update that released for Villagers & Heroes was certainly a big deal for those who are looking to get snuggly in their...

The Perfect Ten: 10 MMOs and online worlds with super cozy vibes

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Villagers & Heroes rotates to a new raid season, improves its mobile version

It's been a busy few weeks for colorful fantasy MMO Villagers & Heroes, starting with the launch of Raids Season 6: Dark Tides in...

Villagers and Heroes iterates on its brand-new interior player housing system

It's not every day when we can point to a patch and say that it's a literal game-changer, but Villagers and Heroes' Homestead update...

Villagers and Heroes players can finally enter their houses with the Homestead update

It's a day that was almost inevitable for the course of Villagers and Heroes. After years of owning a house that they could only...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 421: Beyond time and space

Justin and Bree discuss Star Trek Online Unraveled, SWTOR Old Wounds, Gamigo's move out of MMOs, Chrono Odyssey's reveal, EVE's 20th anniversary, LOTRO's new raid, and Villagers and Heroes' housing patch, with adventures in LOTRO, WoW Classic, and SWG Legends, plus a mailbag topic on WoW's wild lore.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 407: Roadmaps, roadmaps, roadmaps

Justin and Bree discuss Elder Scrolls Online's Necrom, DDO's mini-expansion, Diablo Immortal, Villagers & Heroes housing, Star Trek Online's 13th anniversary, and Gloria Victis' impending launch, with adventures in LOTRO and ESO, plus a mailbag topic on optional content.

Villagers and Heroes reopens its Haunted Moors seasonal area and adds the Blighted Isles story location

Haunted Moors, Blighted Isles: It's pretty clear what time of year it is in Villagers and Heroes. The game's most recent update has kicked...

One Shots: You’ll never be this exalted

For your average farmer or scribe in Guild Wars 2's world, they'll never find themselves in the presence of so much swirly, sparkly awesomeness...

Villagers and Heroes’ most recent update revamps the Arcane Rift of Pyrron and marks midsummer

Last time we checked in on Villagers and Heroes, the devs were talking up its fourth season of raids. Since that time, there was...

One Shots: Nothing good happened in this windmill

All I'm saying is that if you're walking along and you come upon this sight of a decrepit windmill, it would behoove you to...

The Daily Grind: Do you feel bad about all the MMOs you don’t play?

I do. I feel bad about all the MMOs I don't play or love but can't currently play. I could say it's because of this...

Massively Overthinking: Which MMO suffers from the most useless housing system?

A few weeks ago, I was showing my seven-year-old around Villagers and Heroes, and she wanted to get herself a house. I warned her...

MassivelyOP’s guide to 13 MMORPGs that you can play on Macs

Until I got my first Macbook this past December, I admit that I never really paid attention to what MMOs could be played on...

Villagers and Heroes discusses upcoming seasonal raid content, bug fixes, and interior housing

For those who play Villagers and Heroes on the regular, you're probably the sort of person who enjoys the MMORPG's seasonal raid content. You're...

One Shots: Murder palaces are always so inviting

The Secret World was always good at creating spaces that you take one look at and go, "Nope! Not going to walk in there!...

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Villagers and Heroes looks at a level cap increase and home decoration

This past year, we've been a little concerned about Villagers and Heroes. The cross-platform MMO, which boasts a lot of fun features, has gone...

Villagers and Heroes unleashes a hellacious raid for the summer months

Got your villagers? How about your heroes? Good, then let's get to work, because the cross-platform MMO has brought back the Ardent Ledger --...

Whatever happened to Villagers and Heroes?

Boy, it's been a few minutes since we took a peek into Villagers & Heroes. It's certainly not for lack of appreciation, of course...