Villagers and Heroes reopens its Haunted Moors seasonal area and adds the Blighted Isles story location


Haunted Moors, Blighted Isles: It’s pretty clear what time of year it is in Villagers and Heroes. The game’s most recent update has kicked off the Halloween season and opened up a thematically suitable new story region.

For Halloween, the Haunted Moors event area is back again for another year, with the promise of “a whole new horde of grisly undead creatures who cavort in their spine-chilling villages” and lots of rewards to collect. The other major piece of the update is the Blighted Isles story area for high level players, with four distinct and dangerous biomes for players to explore.

As for the rest of the patch, there are some new character customization features for mobile players, a lineup of bug fixes, and a list of items that have been removed from the game with the closure of the Oasis of Anukā€™Amon.

source: official site (1, 2)
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