Villagers and Heroes brings back raids, ushers in Halloween Horde of Horrors


There’s an ill moon hanging over Villagers and Heroes these days. Wait, did we say “ill?” We meant “chill.” A totally chill moon over a chill game that’s smiling down upon the latest patch of Halloween fun and raid returns.

Monday’s patch activated the Haunted Moors for spooky plundering and brought back raids for Season 7: Treasures of the Ancients. Mad Otter Games said that this time around, players can expect both new rewards and general raid improvements, including removing the special bonus that elite raiders were getting for overleveling raid requirements.

“The original design purpose for this extra bonus was to allow players to succeed at lower level raids when they got stuck,” Mad Otter explained. “That’s a good idea– but this is not needed for higher-tier raids, when players have clearly demonstrated they are experienced raiders. Therefore, at Platinum tier and above, we have removed the extra bonus only. Characters will still get their normal damage/health bonus from dungeoneering. We have also reduced the bonus at Gold, and reduced it very slightly at Silver. This will provide better play balance in the raids.”

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