The Daily Grind: Do you feel bad about all the MMOs you don’t play?


I do. I feel bad about all the MMOs I don’t play or love but can’t currently play. I could say it’s because of this job, that I feel as if I have an obligation to play a ton of MMOs, but I really don’t feel that. We have a whole team of people and together we play or have played everything. Nobody’s playing everything. Nobody can do that in-depth anyway.

What always makes me feel awful is not having enough time. I love Albion Online, but I’m not playing it right now. I bought Project Gorgon years ago to support the dev and still haven’t logged in even though I know I’d love it. My daughter logged into Villagers and Heroes the other day and I felt a huge pang for how much I enjoyed that cute little MMO ages ago. Every time we write about Ultima Online, I get tempted to resub.

But I’m already trying and failing to juggle three MMOs, and picking up new ones (or old ones) would mean dropping one of them. So I just sit here feeling glum. I’m content that those other MMOs I love exist and hope they keep existing for the next time I have an open slot.

Do you feel bad about all the MMOs you don’t play?

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