DC Universe Online unleashes ‘suffering’ with this week’s Dark Knights patch


“Suffering descends upon the multiverse,” DC Universe Online ominously announced in association with this week’s Dark Knights release. The new episode pits heroes and villains alike against the dreaded Perpetua, who is trying to bring down many universes in one go.

“Perpetua’s plans to undo, remake, and destroy the Multiverse are nearly complete. The Hall of Justice and most of Washington D.C. are in ruins,” Daybreak said. “The world’s heroes and villains must cut off Perpetua’s power and stop her once and for all, but time is running out.”

The update, which is live for both consoles and PC, includes a Death Metal mission in D.C., a duo mission in New Apokolips, an alert called Return to Earth 3, and a new raid against Perpetua herself. Players can earn “gear inspired by Death Metal Batman and Death Metal Wonder Woman,” so get out there and make your parents proud.

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