Villagers and Heroes teases Crux, its biggest zone yet, launching this spring


Villagers & Heroes is starting the new year with the revival of its newsletter, which began by recapping all of the MMO’s progress in 2023.

“2023 was also a year of some loud changes (class balancing) and new tech (character migrations), and a few minor disasters (remember when the patcher broke in multiple countries around the world simultaneously?), and of course a frustration or two came with the delay of the holiday build at the hands of a certain larger company,” the studio said.

So what’s coming for Villagers & Heroes in 2024? Mad Otter Games previewed some new high level content coming this year as well as a level cap increase to 100. This spring will see the wild Crux zone, its attached storyline, and brand-new instancing tech that will allow for interactive environments. Also coming in the first half of the year is a new raid called Tempest’s Reach and more backend improvements to the servers.

Villagers & Heroes won MOP’s MMO housing of the year award for 2023, owing to its major housing additions last year.

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