Genfanad is swapping out its classic MMORPG combat model with a TCG deckbuilder instead

TCG standing for 'The Contest of Gimmicks' obviously


The old-school-styled indie MMORPG Genfanad was always something of a unique duck in our genre, but Rose Tinted Games’ next major update is going to make it even more unique: Starting next month, the game is going to overhaul its combat system as it replaces its auto-attack model with trading card game mechanics.

The so-called TCG system, aka The Contest of Gimmicks, will let players build a deck of ability cards that can be traded or crafted, all with an eye to letting players express themselves creatively in combat and open up “more opportunities for unique and creative experiences going forward.”

As one might anticipate, this overhaul to combat will mean there will be some testing to do. That requires the game’s public servers to go dark in the first week of September, after which time a beta test server will be brought online sometime in mid-September. This server will be accessible to Kickstarter backers and certain Patreon tiers, with more details on that front expected soon. For everyone else, the studio promises that no character progress is being reset and confirms weekly progress blogs will be shared. A video explanation from lead dev Heleor was also posted.

“This is an enormous update, and we can understand that some of our community will have mixed feelings about it,” the announcement admits. “We think it’s the best decision for Genfanad, though, and we’re incredibly excited to show you guys what we’ve been working on.”

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