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Whatever happened to Villagers and Heroes?

Boy, it's been a few minutes since we took a peek into Villagers & Heroes. It's certainly not for lack of appreciation, of course...

Massively Overthinking: What generates trust in MMO crowdfunding for you?

Last week, an anonymous game developer posted on the MMORPG Reddit about the broader MMO playerbase's frustrations with crowdfunding. See, this dev says he's...

MMO Cartographer: Exploring Villagers & Heroes, our indie MMO of the year

"Gee," you say to yourself, "I sure wish there were a good cross-platform MMORPG I could play on my phone and PC. One that...

Choose My Adventure: Comparing the cash shops of Black Desert Mobile and Villagers & Heroes

I had originally intended this piece to focus on playtime in Villagers & Heroes, but I didn't get in enough to do it justice,...

Choose My Adventure: Villagers & Heroes on mobile feels like a true themepark MMO (for better or worse)

Choose My Mobile Adventure has changed locales from the Black Desert on over to the world of Villagers & Heroes, a game that has...

Villagers and Heroes re-opens Halloween zone with Blighted Isles expansion

The latest update to Villagers & Heroes is offering a whole lot of goodies for players if these patch notes are any indicator....

Villagers & Heroes devs preview more of A Tale of Earth and Sea’s features

If I may be so bold, I'd like to nominate Villagers & Heroes: A Tale of Earth and Sea as one of the finest...

Villagers & Heroes announces A Tale of Earth and Sea expansion and new Shaman class

Indie MMO sandbox Villagers & Heroes did not have the best winter, what with the game being hacked and all back in February. But...

Villagers & Heroes has dispatched extravagant compensation for February’s hacking mess

Back in February, we learned the startling news that the cutesy indie crosssplatform MMORPG Villagers & Heroes had been hacked. At the time, the...

Villagers & Heroes has been hacked – time to change your passwords

Bad news coming out of the adorable indie crossplatform MMORPG Villagers & Heroes as of last night: The game's been well and truly hacked. "At...

Part one of Villagers & Heroes’ Wrath of the Black Thrush expansion is live

Will Wrath of the Black Thrush eventually become Villagers & Heroes' very own WOTLK? I dunno about that, but I do know it's live, as...

Villagers & Heroes’s Midsummer update adds Twilight Vale event zone, buffs monster damage

Crossplatformy indie sandbox MMORPG Villagers & Heroes is building on its May expansion, Wellspring, with another big patch. Where Wellspring buffed the game's existing...
Ah, that's a fine looking desert town in the middle of nowhere.

Villagers & Heroes adds in new village options with the Wellspring expansion on May 14

The heart of gameplay in cross-platform MMORPG Villagers & Heroes is all about villages, so anything that expands your options for villages is going to...

Villagers & Heroes preps for Christmas, says iOS port is still happening

Cross-platform MMORPG Villagers & Heroes has a new patch out this week just in time for Christmas. It heralds the return of Grintcha's Lair....

Villagers & Heroes is coming to iOS ‘soon’

2011 MMORPG Villagers and Heroes has had a strong last 12 months. It launched on Android, rolled out a massive revamped called Starfall, tussled...

The Stream Team: Villagers & Heroes takes you to Spooky Town

Do you want to be taken to Spooky Town? Massively OP's MJ sure does! Villagers & Heroes introduced a new zone for the holiday,...
Not my cuppa, but cool.

Halloween 2017: Dark and Light, Villagers & Heroes, and MapleStory

Halloween comin' at ya fast, so fast even we can't keep up. In Dark and Light, Gobboween has descended on the gameworld. Expect prowling wolves, enchanted...

The Stream Team: Showing off Villagers & Heroes Starfall expansion with devs

Have you seen Villagers & Heroes Starfall expansion yet? You could have since the expansion launched a week early! Really, how often does that...

Villagers & Heroes’ Starfall expansion launches today

Villagers & Heroes' Starfall expansion officially launches today - a week earlier than originally planned. Who does that?! Mad Otter Games, that's who. Indeed,...

Villagers & Heroes has big plans for loot and crafting in its upcoming Starfall expansion

Loot is getting a pretty big overhaul in Villagers & Heroes when the Starfall 4.0 expansion goes live, with a color-based rarity system, improvements to...