Villagers & Heroes devs preview more of A Tale of Earth and Sea’s features


If I may be so bold, I’d like to nominate Villagers & Heroes: A Tale of Earth and Sea as one of the finest MMO expansion names I’ve ever seen. It’s certainly a welcome break from the “[Blank] of [Blank]” titles that flood the market and suggestive of a more artistic touch.

In fact, artistry seems to be at the core of this expansion, from its vivid new zones to the “high style” of its revamped wardrobe and cosmetic system. In a recent livestream, the development team of this indie fantasy MMO spoke on the visuals for A Tale of Earth and Sea as well as the level cap increase, something called “Gnogmenting,” and lots of mount and pet goodness.

You can watch the livestream below, and if this piques your interest, check out the expansive expansion page for more details.

Source: YouTube
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One of these days I will give this a chance.


Since i’m waiting for Classic and playing no MMOs right now, i’ll download this, i always find V&H charming, i just don’t have time for another game.