Whatever happened to Villagers and Heroes?

Don't let the dead website and socials fool you, it's still getting some stuff


Boy, it’s been a few minutes since we took a peek into Villagers & Heroes. It’s certainly not for lack of appreciation, of course – the game was counted by Justin among one of the perfect 10 MMOs to break you out of a gaming rut. So allow us to catch up with what’s been happening recently.

The game’s most recent patch, which arrived on May 3rd, reopened the event zone of the Twilight Vale, bringing with it new fae-styled regalia, raiments, mounts, and more, along with some overall improvements and a number of bug fixes. In the near future, the game will be kicking off the third season of raids, though the start date of the season did have to be pushed back to sometime in the final week of June.

Otherwise, the game has been chugging along with updates and events, including a server vs. server May Day event, an Easter egg hunt, and a Naked Shamrock Run among other smaller fix-focused patches. As for larger updates, there was the Relics of Malice update this past December, the Equinox update in September 2020, and the Shadow of the Eclipse update in May 2020. So while update timing might be a bit sporadic, there’s still lots going on.

source: official forums, official site (1, 2, 3)

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V&H deserves more spotlight from time to time, for the small independent family-type dev company they are doing great!
The only complaints I have about V&H are:
– Steam and Android accounts are completely different, there is no way you can play your mobile character on Steam client and vice versa – something that most other cross-platform games achieve in a wink (RuneScape and Albion Online come to mind),
– Game can use some face-lifting at least in character models department,
– Guilds should become more meaningful than just being a new chat channel.
Other than that, V&H is very enjoyable experience, quests are mostly great with some unexpected twists and a tongue-in-cheek humor.

Eric Weaver

Glad to see you revisit this title, and yes, “there’s still lots going on.”

V&H is not the greatest game ever made but it delivers in a lot of areas where the AAA titles fall short. It truely is a cross-platform game where you can play the same account on pc or mobile. It really is a genuine F2P game where you can play to end-game content and the cash shop is restricted to convenience and vanity items. It still gets updates, expansions, and improvements from a dedicated and accessable dev team and has one of the better communities I’ve ever played with. While no game is ever 100% Troll free, I like the fact that it has live moderation and generally delivers a family-friendly environment. Sure, it has its flaws but, I have enjoyed playing it more than many others I have tried. I’ve been here for over 8 years and plan to be here for many more.


I know this is shallow but, I couldn’t get into the game because it has the fugliest character models in the history of the genre.

Travis Holmes

I totally agree

Eric Weaver

If I had read this a few years back I might be more inclined to agree but the character modeling has improved since I first started playing it over 8 years ago.

That said, I would like to see even more character customization but it’s an old school game with an old school look. and I don’t expect an indie publisher to compete with AAA titles when it comes to graphics. I’m more interested in the game-play and I have no complaints with what this game delivers on that count.


I couldn’t get into the game, because it has the worst movement and camera controls. Vertical camera is sensitive and responsive, but horizontal camera has very little sensitivity and it’s hard to control it.

It’s impossible to improve it, because if you increase camera sensitivity to make it work well for the horizontal camera, the vertical one goes apeshit. I’ve played that game around 2019 and have reported the problem in detail to the developers on their official forum, their response was something like

“We don’t see any problem” or “Maybe your computer is too slow”

Dude, I play Death Stranding maxed out with at least 60 FPS, that jankfest Villagers and Heroes runs with like 200+ FPS for me and it’s still a jankfest.

Another annoyance is how loot falls on the ground instead of either having you loot the corpse as most games do or like LOTRO where you have a pending loot notification on the right and can choose what to loot and what to discard.

The developers are releasing new content, but the fundamentals of the game suck and I don’t understand why they refuse to fix them. Another thing – the starting zone experience has received almost 10 revamps. Back when the game was called A Mystical Land and ran in a browser, you started in some pine wood area, then some time later when they rebranded it to Villagers & Heroes, the starting area became Summer’s Hollow, and that starting zone received at least 5 revamps that I remember.

I don’t understand the priorities they have with this game.

Does not check email

It has been a long time since I logged in but I found character movement and controls just awkward. It felt like the interface was slow to respond and lagging. Maybe time for another review and see if things are updated.