World of Warships introduces a mode with super battleships for PC, adds new American battleships to console


What’s a game like World of Warships without a whole bunch of warships in it? A mistitled game, for one. Luckily for fans of the multiplayer naval battler, there’s not going to be a shortage of ships going to war anytime soon, as both PC and console versions have gotten some new updates.

The PC version has unleashed the Grand Battle, a new limited-time 9v9 mode that sees each side take up Tier IX – X ships and three super battleships that focus on devastating levels of gun battery-based firepower. Playing the mode earns players Intelligence Reports, a temporary currency that can be spent to command the new super battleships in the mode. The latest update has also added German destroyers to the game and marks the Fourth of July with some unique summertime battles.

On the console side, we have a primary focus on American battleships with the Georgia On My Mind campaign that lets players earn the Tier VII Georgia among other rewards and a fleet of additional American battleships ranging from Tier IV to Tier Vi to early access. It’s not all American firepower, however, as the update is also bringing some new German aircraft carriers to the console seas.

sources: press releases

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Ardra Diva

Fun game, addictive gameplay, amazing graphics and the sinking animations are lights-out-great.