Profane shares updates on developing gameplay features, test scheduling, and textures


Insane Studios has put together another pair of Twitter threads that offer up a wide swath of update details for the developing PvP MMO.

In the first thread, we get the largest number of updates that link together with another roadmap update. The devs have managed to figure out how to fix a player movement bug, but doing so has forced some features to either be delayed or reprioritized. The thread further talks up the surprise completion of a dynamic spawning system, as well as completed work on seas, rivers, advanced camera controls, world region systems, and basic chat functionality. Other features like player character visuals, basic attacks, the game’s weapons system, and hitbox mechanics are a little bit closer to completion, while things like climbing, swimming, and fall damage have been pushed back into July.

Incidentally, the roadmap hopes to begin character customization testing in June, several basic gameplay elements in July, and deeper combat testing for things like spells and active skills in August.

The most recent thread offers another video preview and additional context for texture updates, which grants fans a look at a texture ball demonstration of things like sand, rock, and brick, as well as explanations on how the devs are attempting to toe the line between cartoon style and realism.

source: Twitter (1, 2)

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