Villagers & Heroes reopens Twilight Vale and adds seahorses for midsummer


Villagers & Heroes players, it’s time to emerge from your house decoration frenzy and head to the midsummer event zone, as Mad Otter Games has patched in Twilight Vale with the 5.6 update this week.

“The Midsummer Event Zone has arrived!” the studio declares. “Explore the wonders of the Twilight Vale where you will find all new exciting outfits and mounts! Additionally, this build contains improvements to class balance, pertinent bug fixes, and an all new mobile menu!”

The patch notes mention upgrades to ice and marksman talents as well as a range of bug fixes, new mobile UI tweaks, and new seahorse mounts – which, incidentally, can now walk on water. This is not how seahorses work, for reference, but we’re also not mad about it.

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