Villagers & Heroes has been hacked – time to change your passwords


Bad news coming out of the adorable indie crossplatform MMORPG Villagers & Heroes as of last night: The game’s been well and truly hacked.

“At approximately 2:45 pm PST on Thursday, February 14th, a hacker gained access to our servers,” Mad Otter Games wrote on the forums yesterday evening. “We need to notify you that it is possible this hacker got the email names that you use to log into Villagers & Heroes. Your game passwords are encrypted, therefore the hacker cannot access your game accounts.”

The good news is that you’re not going to lose anything from the hack, as everything’s backed up, and since the company doesn’t store things like names, addresses, and credit cards on the servers that were hacked, you’re not at real risk there either. The devs do recommend changing your passwords, especially if you use those passwords for other games.

“We can tell you that all of your accounts and characters are completely backed up, and will be restored. We are working to completely secure the servers so this does not happen again. We estimate this process will take 2-4 days. We apologize for this extreme downtime, and will be working tirelessly to restore everything and get the game up and running again.”

Given the downtime, the devs promise they’ll be doling out thorough compensation.

Source: Official site. With thanks to Matt.

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In a case like this, they should force reset all passwords – require us to set a new one rather than leave it up to us. We have to assume the encoding will be cracked right?

My Grandmother said like a month or so ago “Isn’t it easier to remember if you use the same password everywhere?” So there are people who still think that kind of stuff :P

She’s not exactly big on computers though.

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This is a good case for allowing people to delete their accounts, i haven’t touched the game for a while and honestly i don’t know if i can delete my account or not … but i’m not going to delete the account even if they allow that, going to change the password and hopefully i find a chance to try the game again.


I gave this game multiple chances. What I hate is that when you rotate the camera it’s either too delayed or too sensitive, no middle ground. Even if you adjust it to something tolerable, then the mouse cursor is way off – either too sensitive or too delayed. There is no hardware acceleration or whatever it is.

The other downside and a bigger one is that combat feels very clunky, unrefined and also seems as if it’s suffering from delays. I usually play melee classes in games and playing a Warrior in this game feels so lame. Until the combat is improved to be more fluid, I’m not touching this game again.


I’m not sure what platform you’re playing it on, but I didn’t have any of those issues you’re mentioning.

Are you playing it on mobile or something? I haven’t tried it on mobile.

The game actually started as a browser game for kids. It’s basically still for younger players and more of a family game so it is a little more simple, but I haven’t had the technical issues you’re mentioning. I’m sorry that you do, but I believe it’s to do with the game running on your setup rather than game wide issues affecting everybody.