Villagers & Heroes will finally launch interior housing in early 2023


We haven’t checked in on indie MMO Villagers & Heroes since its Halloween festivities, and truthfully our last hard looks at the game came back in 2021. Major updates and comms had been quiet, and apparently we weren’t the only ones to notice, as Mad Otter’s first developer entry of the year addresses the revival of the game’s newsletter as well as what players can expect from 2023.

The most intriguing bit of the post is a teaser for what the company says is the “most requested feature by VH players of all time”: interior housing. Indeed, we first covered Mad Otter’s plan for expanding housing waaaaay back in 2015, and the devs began teasing it again last year. The game already had houses in tidy little housing neighborhoods, along with housing storage and farms, but players couldn’t actually enter their homes. That’ll finally change in “early 2023,” with customization options for naming houses, setting house access, and adding furniture and masonry, lighting, flooring, walls, windows, and so forth. Naturally, this also means almost a hundred new recipes for crafters, although some items will be buyable for currency and in the cash shop.

Mad Otter further says the first big feature of the year – a redesigned cash shop – has gone live as of this week, and if my memory serves me here, this is something the game very much needed as it was hard to find anything and harder still to grok what you were looking at. Phase two of the redesign will apparently be automated daily sales and new exclusive items, all clearly aimed at getting players in the cash shop and buying stuff.

There’s more to the blog, including news on class balancing, mana potion revamps, and new hires for the team.

Source: Official site. Thanks so much, Bhagpuss!
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