ArcheAge Unchained is launching a NA and EU fresh start server on February 9


Stop me if you’ve heard this one: ArcheAge is preparing another fresh start server! OK, technically it’s ArcheAge Unchained this time, and technically it’s two servers – one in EU and one in NA – both coming on February 9th with what Kakao says are specific tweaks to the format based on player feedback. And indeed, the overall appearance (and planned obsolescence) of this batch is more like a short-term level-catch-up shard rather than a clean-slate shard.

“The new server is designed to retain the elements previously praised by ArcheAge: Unchained’s playerbase, while also offering additional nuance and enhancements asked for by users to further ease gear progression. Much like the previous Fresh Server Start, there will be basic boosting buffs for XP as well as Conflict, War, Siege, Quest Honor Points, and Vocation, ultimately allowing access to higher-level content quicker. Among the changes in the upcoming Fresh Server Start is an increased loot drop rate, which will rise from 200% to a whopping 300% to help players acquire higher-level gear faster. Unlike the previous server which tailored its boosting specifications to the levelling of Hiram gear, these buffs now also apply to Disciple equipment. In a similar manner, the Double Weekly Quest Event will now expand to aid in the progression of Hiram and Disciple gear alike.”

If you’re wondering whether feedback has been applied to the game’s wild land rushes on new servers, wonder no more because the answer is no. The land rush begins February 11th for both regions. If you’re thinking about rolling up a toon, make sure you check out all the granular details.

Source: Press release, official site
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