Temtem posts preview images of patch 1.3’s new location and Nuzlocke-like challenge mode


If the term “Nuzlocke mode” is alien to you, then you’re probably not a regular devotee of Pokemon: Nuzlocke is a set of player-crafted, self-imposed rules that force players to use the first wild critter they encounter in an area and release creatures that fall in battle instead of reviving them. It’s a popular challenge among the series’ community, and it looks like Temtem is going to make it an official in-game mode in its next update.

A set of preview images from the game’s Twitter account provide a look at the UI for a “challenge mode,” the rules of which appear very similar to Nuzlocke: “You can only capture two new Tems in each area and every Temtem knocked-out will be released automatically,” the UI element reads. The account also had a single image preview of a new location just recently. Both of these features are set for patch 1.3, which is yet to have any release window confirmed.

What is being confirmed by developer Crema is a patch to solve Nintendo Switch crashing, which is being caused by the game overloading the system’s memory. The patch should be arriving sometime this week as it goes through the verification process.

source: Twitter (1, 2, 3)
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