Villagers and Heroes discusses upcoming seasonal raid content, bug fixes, and interior housing


For those who play Villagers and Heroes on the regular, you’re probably the sort of person who enjoys the MMORPG’s seasonal raid content. You’re also probably a bit starving on that front, as the last such seasonal raid was released in June of last year. During last week’s developer livestream, the game’s lead devs offered some news on that front, discussing the upcoming fourth season of raids.

Season 4 will be called Netherworld, and will feature a new raid zone known as the Catacomb, a mysterious desert pyramid that players will plumb. This season’s raid will be different in that players will no longer get to choose which path to take; the encounter will choose for them. As a teaser, the stream also showcased a live run of the Catacomb.

The stream also highlighted bug improvements coming with the update that brings the Netherworld raid, including fixes and improvements for the Blessings of Tianma quest to make it less ragequit-inducing and fixes for toys disappearing in Ardent City, along with a preview of housing interiors and decor items. The full broadcast awaits down below.

Source: Twitch
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