‘If buying isn’t owning, piracy isn’t stealing,’ say gamers reviewbombing the remaining The Crew games


Ubisoft’s self-inflicted wounds continue their slow damage-over-time effects as the company that responded to the Stop Killing Games initiative by killing The Crew 1 even more quickly is now being targeted for reviewbombing by angry The Crew players.

We first caught wind of the uproar thanks to the Accursed Farms twitter account – Accursed Farms being the Ross Scott-led channel that began the pro-game-preservation Stop Killing Games project in the first place.

“I’ve heard The Crew 2 and Motorfest are being review-bombed,” Scott wrote yesterday. “To clarify, that’s not a goal of the campaign, but I don’t care either; people can rate games whatever they want. My first thought of The Crew 2 is the awful always-on blur filter and I’ve never played Motorfest.”

A quick hop over to The Crew Motorfest’s Steam page shows… actually not a lot of reviews at all, just 582 in the “mixed” bin. But The Crew 2 has taken a beating; with nearly 60,000 reviews in six years, it’s “very positive” on the whole but “mostly negative” thanks to its last several hundred entries. And the reviewers aren’t being shy about their rationale.

“If buying isn’t owning, piracy isn’t stealing,” one top review – echoed repeatedly – says, a clear reference to Ubisoft’s Philippe Tremblay’s January musings that gamers should be OK with not owning the games they buy. Another argues that Ubisoft’s track record means The Crew 2 – already in maintenance mode – is destined for sunset too. “Justice for The Crew 1,” a third writes.

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