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SGF 2024: Ubisoft unveils new content for The Crew Motorfest, Skull & Bones, and The Division 2

The final breathless gasp of this year's Summer Game Fest presentations has occurred, as multiple days' worth of gaming showcases has ended with Ubisoft...

Ubisoft’s The Crew Motorfest announces season 4, fanning the flames of East vs West Coast rivalries

Ubisoft announced a new season for The Crew Motorfest aka The Crew 3 this week: Season 4 launches July 3rd, free for owners of...

‘If buying isn’t owning, piracy isn’t stealing,’ say gamers reviewbombing the remaining The Crew games

Ubisoft's self-inflicted wounds continue their slow damage-over-time effects as the company that responded to the Stop Killing Games initiative by killing The Crew 1...

Stop Killing Games is a modern games preservation initiative prompted by The Crew’s cynical sunset

The words "game preservation" are holy words here on MOP and in the MMORPG genre beyond, as few gaming communities understand the pain of...

The Crew Motorfest and Sky Children of the Light confirm arrivals to Steam in April

One's a multiplayer racing open world-ish title, the other is a cute and emotive social multiplayer game, yet both The Crew Motorfest and Sky:...

The Crew Motorfest zooms into a free weekend and new season

If you're the type of frugal gamer who sits on things until that magic word "free" pops up, then pay attention: The Crew Motorfest...

The Crew 2 heads into maintenance mode with this week’s final update

We suspected it was coming, but we can still be sad about it: Ubisoft is putting The Crew 2 into maintenance mode following its...

Ubisoft’s 2014 racing game The Crew 1 is sunsetting in March 2024

2023 has one more thing to take away from the greater MMO genre: Ubisoft is sunsetting The Crew, the original game in the driving...

Skull and Bones is now targeting February 2024 for its launch following eleventy billion delays

Insider Gaming is reporting that Ubisoft has finally narrowed down Skull and Bones' launch date to February 16th, 2024. And believe it or not,...

Skull and Bones has been delayed for at least the seventh time

Stop me if you've heard this one: Skull and Bones has been delayed again! At the top of the year, the company queued up...

The Crew Motorfest is running another five-hour free trial on all platforms

Just a couple of weeks ago, Ubisoft was crowing about the launch of The Crew Motorfest, the third installment in its long-running multiplayer racing...

Ubisoft says The Crew Motorfest outperformed past first-week sales for The Crew franchise

Ubisoft might be persona non grata around the gaming industry of late, but it's had a couple of rare wins - one of them...

The MOP Up: SWTOR gets swoopy and plaguey in March

Star Wars: The Old Republic may not have a big patch coming out this month, but the MMO does have a couple of events...

Ubisoft’s third quarter report sees sales up, net bookings down, and live games ‘perform solidly’

The third quarter report for 2022-2023 from Ubisoft is out, and it has some interesting figures for armchair financial followers, as well as some...
Love is in the something-or-other.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 408: FFXIV on one side, mods on the other

Justin and Bree discuss Final Fantasy XIV's great mode debate, WoW's trading post issues, NCsoft's layoffs, Square's and Blizzard's financials, The Crew 3, Quinfall, and Elder Scrolls Online, with adventures in LOTRO and SWG Legends, plus a mailbag topic on MMO beards.
Darn it, Quin.

Betawatch: Quinfall plans a big dang world, not player funding

Quinfall is a new MMORPG on the way that either has a big issue with the number five or people named Quin, which may...

The Crew 3 aka The Crew Motorfest launches player testing today

The rumors and teases were true: The Crew franchise is getting another sequel in the form of The Crew Motorfest - essentially The Crew...