The Crew Motorfest is running another five-hour free trial on all platforms


Just a couple of weeks ago, Ubisoft was crowing about the launch of The Crew Motorfest, the third installment in its long-running multiplayer racing franchise, saying that the game “had the best first week for the franchise in terms of total unit sell through, overall consumer spend, and season pass adoption rate.” No hard numbers were actually given to back any of that up, but the studio did say that it had crested 40M players for the nine-year lifetime of the IP.

In any case, Ubisoft would clearly like to juice those numbers a bit more, and it’s doing so with a free trial that is ongoing right now on both PC and console (sounds like everything except Amazon Luna).

“[T]he Free Trial of The Crew™ Motorfest is coming back for PlayStation, Xbox and PC players from October 10th to 20th. After the tremendous support and positive reception from the community, making Motorfest the highest rated entry in The Crew franchise, players that want to try out the game but could not do so at launch will now be able to freely play up to 5 hours, with the possibility to carry over their progress should they decide to buy The Crew Motorfest.”

This isn’t actually the first free trial for the game; it already ran a free trial on every platform from September 14th to 17th – i.e., at launch, which certainly helped its early figures. The studio notes that players who already used up their five-hour freebie last round won’t be able to do it again, though everyone else can have a go at it, and this time there’s new content to behold as the first season is already underway. Vroom.

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