Ubisoft says The Crew Motorfest outperformed past first-week sales for The Crew franchise


Ubisoft might be persona non grata around the gaming industry of late, but it’s had a couple of rare wins – one of them being a new entry in The Crew franchise. The Crew Motorfest (aka The Crew 3) launched last week and apparently performed well: “The game is the highest rated title in the franchise and had the best first week for the franchise in terms of total unit sell through, overall consumer spend, and season pass adoption rate,” Ubisoft’s breathless press release reads.

How many units and how much money? The company doesn’t actually say; the numbers it gives are focused on vehicle imports and total lifetime franchise players.

“The Crew 2 community have already embraced the new opus and have taken advantage of the ‘Collection Import’ feature, with more than 42 million vehicles imported from The Crew 2 to The Crew Motorfest. […] More than 40 million players have joined the franchise since 2014, breaking monthly average users records in July of this year, more than five years after The Crew 2 launch.”

Ubisoft Ivory Tower has already released details on its first season, which includes weekly theme cars, bundles, and exclusive branded vehicles. It’s a car game. You’re getting cars.

Source: Press release, official site
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