Old School RuneScape tweaks Wilderness features, adjusts a bear fight, and ramps up PvP repair costs


Get used to seeing “Poll 80 changes” as a feature in Old School RuneScape patches for the next several weeks because the voted-for transformation is rolling on. This week, those changes primarily focus on the Wilderness zone along with a few other smaller granular pieces of content.

As of this week’s update, players can now teleport out of Wilderness boss lairs after three ticks, enjoy new unlocks for completing Wilderness hard diary entries, and required medium diary unlocks a requirement to access access Spindel, Artio and Calvar’ion. Speaking of boss fights the big bad bear Callisto has seen a number of balance adjustments that let it take magic damage from all sources, removes its chip damage, and stops its ranged attacks from getting through specific prayers, among other updates.

On the PvP side of Wilderness things, a number of PvP items have had their repair costs raised dramatically “to make PK victory even sweeter.” A couple of examples include the Dragon Defender repair cost rising from 80,000 to 240,000 GP or the Avernic Defender cost rising from 300,000 to 600,000 GP. Other changes include revenant cave changes, the return of splash weapons, and more sack types not upending their contents upon player PvM death.

Meanwhile in RuneScape, Jagex devs are starting on their September Game Jam projects, while the MMORPG itself has seen reworks and reorganization of damage buffs, some general fixes, and targeted updates for Necromancy materials and abilities.

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