Magic: the Gathering Arena is teaming up with IHOP (yay pancakes?)

sure, fine, okay

Down at the plaza, there is an IHOP and a Denny’s locked in a struggle like rival gangs in West Side Story. Who will win in the struggle for breakfast supremacy? Well, IHOP is now partnered with Magic: the Gathering Arena to offer rewards for players of the card game who sign up for their loyalty program, so if there is a substantial portion of MTGA players who also want to eat breakfast at a restaurant, this would qualify as shots fired.

The promotional image also includes what we assume is supposed to be each of the preferred stacks for the pictured planeswalkers, although it looks like the options for We Have Albino Rytlock Brimstone At Home and Ye Olde Wolfe Ghostebusterres are identical. (Yes, I know that’s Ajani and Vivien.) It’s a nice enough deal if you already want to have some pancakes and get some vague card-based rewards along the way, though, and definitely on the more unique crossover list for this year.

Source: Twitter
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