The Crew Motorfest and Sky Children of the Light confirm arrivals to Steam in April

Crew: Children of the Motorfest


One’s a multiplayer racing open world-ish title, the other is a cute and emotive social multiplayer game, yet both The Crew Motorfest and Sky: Children of the Light have one thing in common: They’re both landing on the Steam platform next month.

Motorfest will hit Steam on Thursday, April 18th, with all of its different versions and DLC in tow. The game’s launch to the platform doesn’t appear to bring cross-platform play, but Ubisoft did note it’s looking into the possibility, so racing game fans may want to bear that in mind before buying in (or buying in a second time).

As for COTL, that will finally arrive to PC via Steam early access on Wednesday, April 10th, after just under a year’s worth of waiting. The game itself is a full release, but developer thatgamecompany is giving it an early access label as it works on Steam-specific refinements like integration of friends lists, achievements, and remote play support.

The game’s arrival to Steam is otherwise being celebrated with a free Companion Cube prop for Steam players, double hearts and extra treasure candles between April 10th and 16th for all versions, and the arrival of a new traveling spirit that players voted for on April 25th. A cosmetic bundle styled around the game Journey that was previously a PlayStation exclusive will also be up for sale on the date of the Steam release.

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