Ships at Sea is a new multiplayer maritime ship sim, setting sail for early access in May


Here’s a new title I’ve never heard of, and it turns out it’s for a reasonable reason: It’s called Ships at Sea, and it’s the multiplayer followup – sorry, “spiritual addition” – to the solo endeavor Fishing North Atlantic. Norwegian studio Misc Games (yes) announced today that the new multiplayer version is launching into early access on May 9th, both on Steam and on EGS. Actual launch is set for 2026, when console will drop too.

Multiplayer in this “ultimate simulation for maritime enthusiasts” is still a relatively small afair, with four people to a team. “Set in the unforgiving Norwegian Sea and around the harbors of Lofoten, Norway, Ships at Sea takes captains on their most realistic boating experience yet,” the studio says, promising everything from fishing and dynamic weather to boat customization and physics-enhanced realistic sailing.

“As soon-to-be skippers traverse the vast unknown of the Norwegian Sea, [players] will embark on a voyage through the world of ships with up to 4 friends. Players can expect a slew of features to become available through the Early Access phase of the game, such as crewmates being able to share resources and items and stock up on essential supplies for themselves and their crew. Cast your line and maintain the boats, purchase tools or equipment in the store, upgrade ships, and refuel ships at one of the fuel stations. Through a series of skill levels, players can build and improve their abilities. Skippers on cargo ships can use their skills to deliver goods and materials. For those who want to enhance their engineering skills, a career on service ships provides the ideal opportunity to gain experience in performing repairs and mechanical work. For those with angling on their mind, the commercial fishing career is an exciting route that teaches various fishing techniques, resource management strategies, and catch distribution tactics. Players can also take on all three careers if they’re up to the task since Ships at Sea doesn’t lock players into one career path.”

It’ll be one to keep an eye on; it’s not every day we see a multiplayer ship game that isn’t either pirates or aliens.

Source: Press release, Steam
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