Villagers & Heroes Homestead expansion brings player housing interiors to the 2011 MMO


Long-running and much-beloved 2011 indie MMO Villagers & Heroes already kinda has housing – let’s just state that upfront. It has housing villages where players can buy a house, stash loot there, and grow crops and raise livestock in their yards. What it doesn’t have is interior spaces for its housing, and that’s something studio Mad Otter has been teasing and working on for years; we first caught wind of it all the way back in 2015, with teases drying up until last year, and then at the top of 2023 we got assurances it was finally en route in the first half of this year.

Well, that window didn’t quite hold hold true, but there’s been a ton of forward movement this past week as Mad Otter dropped a huge teaser website for the housing expansion, a two-part update dubbed Homestead.

The preview page explains that the first part of this “fully customizable housing” update will include a “house designer” tool that allows you to customize walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, windows, decor, and more in your house. At launch, players will be restricted to a 10×10 grid layout and a basic item set, with multiple materials and rotational furniture and 80 or so items obtainable through crafting and the shop. Post-launch, expect upgrades to new decor themes, larger (and multi-story) buildings, individual wall placement, decor drops, usable furniture, workstation functionality, and even more customization.

The second part of the update will focus “on house exteriors and the land surrounding your house.” There’s no date for either half, but we do know it’s coming “soon.”

Wanna get caught up on the game? Here are a few of our more interesting and relevant pieces covering it over the years:

Source: Announcement, lander page. Cheers, Mike!
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