Tower of Fantasy provides a video preview of its upcoming cyberpunk city of Mirroria


Part Blade Runner, part Nar Shaddaa, and mostly neon. That’s the fastest way to describe the city of Mirroria, one of the new locations coming to Tower of Fantasy in its 2.0 update. It’s probably best that you take a look at the city for yourself, just to see what we mean.

This latest video sneak peek provides a small guided tour of Mirroria, pointing out several locations, its fancy-futurist public transportation (all cybercities are required to have flying taxis), and a look at a challenging new boss that players will get to take on. The city also promises to offer several new quests for players to take up and social locations to visit like a museum or a bar.

The 2.0 update for TOF is expected sometime in the fall, but until then players can look at all the big city lights in the video below.

sources: press release, YouTube
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