Tower of Fantasy is coming to PlayStation without cross-platform play – and the devs aren’t happy about it at all

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It’s not every day that you see a game studio openly frustrated with its own publisher, so gather the kids around the computer screen to witness this historical moment. So the multiplayer Tower of Fantasy, a pretty decent title in its own right, was recently announced for the PlayStation 4 and 5. A pretty cut-and-dried press release, right?

Not… quite so much. You see, Perfect World apparently made the decision to port the game over to the console without any cross-play, a fact that clearly irks the development team at Hotta Studio. In a statement on the game’s site, the team said, “Upon learning this news, we immediately contacted the Perfect World Company to clarify and they confirmed that Tower of Fantasy will be released and operated as a stand alone version of the game on the PlayStation platform […] While we wish that the PlayStation version was not an independent journey for Tower of Fantasy players, we will do our best to continue to optimise our PC and mobile gaming experience and deliver new and engaging content for you to enjoy.”

Some of this frustration spilled onto Twitter as well, with the studio saying, “Regrettably, the PS version will be an independent journey for Tower of Fantasy.”

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