Tower of Fantasy’s next new character will slash your face with robotic jet wings

And look real good doing it


By this point, it’s probably well known that the trailers that come out of Tower of Fantasy are pretty well animated and bombastic, and that most definitely holds true in the latest one, which showcases the shared world RPG’s newest character, a doctor who apparently wears a technosuit and wields robot jet wings as weapons.

This new Simulacrum’s name is Rubilia, and sure enough, she uses her jet wings weapon (known as Lost Art) to great effect, unleashing rapid slashes, divebombing into groups of enemies, and dashing around at a pretty high rate of speed. An arrival date for this new addition isn’t available, but there is that trailer showing off this new character’s hyper form of fighting waiting below.

Meanwhile, the game is currently holding an underwater hide-and-seek mode until June 1st, which awards participants with dark crystals, Red Nuclei, and vehicles. Just in case anyone who plays this game needs to stock up on currencies to try and pull for Rubilia.

sources: press release, YouTube, Twitter
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