The Elder Scrolls Online introduces players to another one of Necrom’s new companions


I would like to think that if I ever became a significant scholar of mystical arts, I would remain a generally humble person. That is most certainly not the case for one of the new companions arriving with the Necrom expansion of The Elder Scrolls Online, who has a deep well of arcane skills and an ego to match.

Say hello to Azandar al-Cybiades, described as an “arcanist extraordinaire” who boasts significant skill in wielding magic, arcane study, and (apparently) cooking. In synopsis, Azandar is “a world-class talent armored in a cocksure attitude, anchored by a devotion to needlessly complex wordplay, and blinded by a complete lack of understanding that his actions have consequences” according to the related lore dump.

Azandar is one of Necrom’s two new companions that will be added with the expansion’s release, the second of whom being the Argonian Sharp-as-Night, so when this update launches on June 5th on PC and June 20th on console, players will apparently have their choice of a faithful but mysterious ally or a hyper-confident mage.

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