Zenith unleashes a bug fix-filled patch for its latest content update


It is the unfortunate and oft-annoying nature of the MMORPG beast that major content launches will inevitably find some bugs wriggling their way through the testing sieve. That has certainly been the case for Zenith and its Skyward Summit update, which had some bugs and performance issues come along for the ride, pushing Ramen VR to kick out a bug squashing patch this week.

The new patch handles problems of all kinds, including wonky valve wheel behaviors in dungeons, items not properly stacking, the hookshot’s pull-in function not working correctly, and some targeted problems with certain pieces of gear like the Cyber Ninja’s agent equipment and the visuals of the Soulless bow.

The patch has also provided a couple of buffs to the new class, optimized texture loading for a few zones, and adjusted the frequency of freeing memory to reduce crashes. Ideally, all of these updates will make for a more stable gaming environment.

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