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Kickstarted VR MMO Ilysia discusses gameplay, promises collaborative and honest early access

Ilysia is once again taking an hour's worth of video roundtable to address player questions and comments as the game continues to move towards...

Zenith tweaks scaling for its new boss fight and corrects text and drops for its new pet

Zenith's Citadel update, which introduced a new world boss to fight and a new pet to claim, didn't exactly arrive to the game very...

Ilysia talks about its testing, what happened with freeforge, and ‘real early access’ plans in Q&A video

The VR MMORPG Ilysia had a pretty rough start to its closed beta. After multiple delays, the closed beta finally kicked off but without...

Zenith opens a boss fight arena and improves endgame rewards in its Citadel update

The VR MMO Zenith has gotten itself a fresh new content update this week, opening up another part of the Skylands known as the...

Ilysia’s finally made it to closed beta, minus its freeforge classes, with Beta 2 scheduled to begin August 18

It has taken a couple of false starts to get the first beta test of VR sandbox MMORPG Ilysia to get going, but this...

Whatever happened to early access VR MMO Neon Exile?

Back in May 2021, the early access VR MMO Neon Exile broke its two-year-long bout of radio silence with word of an upcoming PvP...

Zenith announces another closure of unused servers on July 14

The list of servers for the VR MMORPG Zenith is about to shrink once more this week. Ramen VR posted an announcement yesterday that...

Zenith unleashes a bug fix-filled patch for its latest content update

It is the unfortunate and oft-annoying nature of the MMORPG beast that major content launches will inevitably find some bugs wriggling their way through...

Zenith talks about courting investors and clearing tech hurdles as Skyward Summit heads to open testing May 5

To say that VR gaming in general is a niche market is a bit of an understatement; combine that with making an MMO in...

VR game developer Polyarc readies closed testing of a competitive multiplayer VR title in April

VR gaming fans might be familiar with the name of Polyarc; for those who aren't, it's the studio behind the adorable looking VR titles...

VR multiplayer swordfighter Altair Breaker arrives as a PSVR2 launch title

Now that the PSVR2 headset has arrived to the PlayStation 5 console, there's the question of whether there are games for the platform, and...

OrbusVR will let players become Tinkerers on November 5 and customize their house on November 19

OrbusVR has been hinting at its new crafting profession and house customization features for a little while now, but only recently have we gotten...
I sure hope it looks better in VR, anyhow.

OrbusVR shows off with a new trailer for early access

The trouble with seeing VR images on a non-VR screen is, well, they don't really carry the same sort of impact. The new OrbusVR...