Wizard’s Wrath is a developing cross-platform VR spellcasting MMORPG on Kickstarter now


No, it’s not a wizard’s dream, but it is Wizard’s Wrath, which might not have Christopher Lee singing but does plan to bring some cross-platform spellcasting MMORPG gaming for console, mobile, PC, and VR. Somehow.

This proposed title comes from the Welsh studio DragonfiAR, which has prior experience in making mobile games, educational apps, and a storytelling utility known as Project: Fireside. Readers might also recall that the studio and Wizard’s Wrath were highlighted by Improbable in 2019.

Wizard’s Wrath is set in world torn apart by magic. Many years ago, magical portals started appearing and connecting our worlds with others. The surface world was lost to hordes of strange creatures. Our most powerful mages lifted our cities to safety, floating in the skies far above, and we have taken refuge there ever since. But now the magic is fading and we are returning to the chaos below. You alone may hold the key but can you rise to the challenge and which path will you take?”

Wizard’s Wrath seeks to blend FPS and RTS gameplay, with the promise of intelligent monster AI, survival and crafting features that all focus on building a wizard’s tower, the ability to spawn and command troops, and PvP duels. Players start by choosing one of four factions, each with four different schools of magic. The MMO is currently built for PC VR and Quest headsets, but is planned to expand to console and mobile platforms after its initial VR release.

DragonfiAR claims in its Kickstarter that the game’s four main pillars have already been built; the studio has further separated them into their own VR minigames that will then be combined into the full MMORPG experience. To that point, the backer packages are broken up to either lock down access to these minigames every three months starting in March, secure access to the MMO and its beta specifically, or grant backers a combination of the two. The studio is seeking $61,083 on Kickstarter to make all of its plans happen.

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