Zenith’s Might and Mastery patch adds leaderboards, revamps its skill tree, and adjusts the early game


Have you felt that earning levels in Zenith is a little bit boring? Then perhaps the next patch coming to the VR MMORPG will spice up your life, as it’s updating the skill tree system with the aim of removing passivity and adding more character customization overall.

The new skill tree system will introduce individual branches and nodes for abilities, add visual notifications for godstone unlocks, and let players try out godstones before making a final decision, even if the stones compete for a slot. Players who already have gobs of godstones unlocked will receive commensurate skill points when the system update goes live.

On top of the skill tree, the update will introduce leaderboards for players to climb. Information on this new addition is a bit sparse, but a preview video highlights a player hub with three leaderboards that track most Sae Jiko kills, fastest Sae Jiko kills, and most creatures caught. More details are promised soon.

Finally, the patch will make a number of adjustments to the early portions of the MMO including reworks to main story XP, multiple enemy tuning updates, new main story quests, tweaks to existing story quests, and increased drop rates for certain materials.

The patch notes provide more information, while the update is currently in open beta testing; those who hop in for a load test running today between 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. EDT will get a special title for playing at least 30 minutes, while all those who play the open beta for at least two hours will also get a unique title.

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