VR MMO Ilysia nails down an early access launch window for sometime in October


Ilysia has been making a lot of noise recently about how it’s going to approach early access, with promises to be more “real,” less dishonest, and not a cash grab. Those following the Kickstarted VR MMO can now see whether it puts its money where its mouth is, as the game is making its way to an early access launch this month.

Details on when in October this will release are still not tied down, but developer Team 21 lists out the features that will be available in the build, including new tutorials, a new starting area, new races, new zones, and “tons” of bug fixes. “Our team is THRILLED to be reaching this next milestone and getting our community in and playing Ilysia,” reads the announcement. “Be on the lookout for more information during this spooky month and when you can expect to jump into the world of Ilysia!”

For those who don’t remember, Ilysia is a VR MMO that closed its crowdfunding drive in 2020 with over $150K raised. The game moved its way through alpha phases in 2021 and 2022, but then faced three beta launch delays through this summer until it finally made it to closed beta in August with major key features missing – a situation that Team 21 tried to explain over development video discussions.

source: Discord
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