Zenith opens a boss fight arena and improves endgame rewards in its Citadel update


The VR MMO Zenith has gotten itself a fresh new content update this week, opening up another part of the Skylands known as the Citadel, an arena that will challenge players to fight Sae Jiko, the boss of the Exiled who believes she can solve the problems of her cast out people with a dope-looking robot suit. Which is something I can personally appreciate as a fan of mechs and mecha.

“Sae Jiko is a sympathetic villain who fights for the disenfranchised, the banished, the thousands cast from Zenith to perish or scratch out a living in Sylphid-infested wilderness. Now, seeing a chance to make a better life for her people, she won’t see it stolen by the city who spit them out.”

Naturally, fighting this new boss will grant new rewards in the form of the very fluffy-looking Kojika pet and new Essotech weapons for each of the MMO’s three classes. Speaking of rewards, the update is also streamlining the path to item level 55 by granting more rewards for completing various endgame tasks, while the new weapons will be able to be upgraded to item level 60 once the MMO’s next update goes live.

As one might expect, these adjustments are a pretty important change to the game, so Ramen VR is asking players to fill out a brief survey and share their feedback.

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