Lost Ark issues a compensation package for its extended EU server merge maintenance


European fans of Lost Ark were effectively locked out from playing the MMOARPG earlier this week, when Amazon Games’ big EU server merge ended up forcing a multi-hour maintenance period that basically kept the game dark well past the region’s primetime. Even though the servers are indeed back online, players are still getting some additional compensation for their bother.

Players in the newly formed Europe Central server can get two free bundles from the in-game store. These bundles offer up several item enhancement materials and currencies, a selection of honing support items, 30 Pheons, and seven days’ worth of subscription benefits. Players in the server simply have to “purchase” the two bundles for zero currency in the in-game store between now and September 13th.

In addition, players who have been trying for the 365-day login reward are not going to be affected by the extended downtime. So while the merging didn’t go as planned, ideally players in the EU will be mollified by the free gubbins.

source: Discord
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