Tower of Fantasy releases a new area, new character, and new events in Butterfly in the Abyss update

Butterfly in the sky, give me a gacha prize


Fans of the shared world RPG Tower of Fantasy can now enjoy their trip to the Forbidden County as the game’s Butterfly in the Abyss update is now live for PC, mobile, and PlayStation players to enjoy. Assuming they like all of those things, anyway, which is probably a safe bet. Otherwise they wouldn’t be fans, right?

Highlights for the new update include the aforementioned Forbidden County area of Marshville, new quests to take on, a new Simulacrum named Nan Yin and her new altered element weapon, and a variety of side activities like the Field of Execution, new beast capture monsters, and the option for players to run for ambassador in casual mode. The update will also add several new events and a mentorship feature to let newer players level up alongside vets.

This latest update has both a specific landing page and patch notes to read through, while video breakdowns of Nan Yin’s abilities await below.

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